Emotive Computing Lab

The original lab at the University of Memphis (2004 to 2011)

The lab at the University of Notre Dame (2012 to 2017)

The lab at the University of Colorado Boulder (2017-present)

The AI Institute at CU Boulder (2020-present)


We investigate the complex interplay between thoughts and feelings while people engage in complex real-world activities individually or in groups. Our approach emphasizes use-inspired research, a discovery orientation to science, and theoretical and methodological pluralism. Our research involves theoretical and translational integration of the computing, cognitive, affective, social, and learning sciences. 

We pursue four lines of integrative research:


We an interdisciplinary research team of computer scientists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

Join our team

We are always looking forward to working with motivated and dedicated researchers, students (at all levels), and postdocs. We look for: (1) a clear alignment of interests, (2) prior research experience in any area (ideally with publications), (3) excellent collaboration and communication skills, and (4) a “can do” attitude that exhibits confidence, enthusiasm (for research), and perseverance in the face of challenges.

If you would like to inquire about joining us, please send us a note with your CV/resume, brief statement of prior work, and how you see yourself contributing to our work. We do receive a lot of requests and only reply if the mutual interest seems to be sufficiently strong (hint: you can demonstrate this by reading some of our recent papers and looking over our current projects). 

Former lab members

University of Memphis
(2004 to 2011)

Art Graesser

Barry Gholson

Scotty Craig

Jeremiah Sullins

Holly White

Tanner Jackson

Brent Morgan

Bethany McDaniel

Kristy Tapp

Evie Johnson

Brandon King

Patrick Chipman

Natasha Velaga

Karl Fike

Kimberly Vogt

Lydia Perkins

Kelly Davidson

Rosaire Daigle

Rebekah Combs

A K M Mahbubur Rahman

Ally Dobbins

Nia Dowell

Melissa Gross

Shi Feng

Hallie Burgess

Amber Strain

Blair Lehman

Claire Williams

University of Notre Dame


Jacqueline Kory

Matthew Hunter

Eric Roth

Jonathan Cobian

Jennifer Neale

Jon Savakus

Casey Hall

Tera Joyce

Yuxuan (Ethan) Chen

Melissa Rogers

Jennifer Wu

Thomas Behrens

Timothy Pusateri

Catherine Carothers 

Luke Garrison

Kristopher Kopp

Abigail Walsh

Rosalyn Tan

Xinyi (Cindy) Wang

Grace Hills

Huili Chen

Shelby White

Disha Waghray

Connor Sullivan

Nate Blanchard

Caitlin Mills

Nigel Bosch

Jianjan (Ivy) Wang

Mae Raeb

Eugene Choi

Jessica Hardey

Jacob Beiter

Kendyll Kraus

Samantha Scaglione

Taylor Kovacs

Patrick Donnelly

Myrthe Faber

Kristina Krasich

Robert Bixler

CU Boulder


Joseph Grafsgaard

Connor Cook

Catherine Spann

Aruna Gunda

Mary Jean Amon

Zachary Keirn

Julie Gregg

Lucca Eloy

David Blair

Xuefei Sun

Cathyln Stone

Conner Sinjem

Hana Vrzakova

Margo Gardner

Caroline Reinhardt

Erin Clarke

Angela Stewart

Stephen Hutt

Tetsumichi Umada

Cooper Steputis

Emily Jensen

Sierra Rose 

Erin Vines

Arjun Rao

Shree Krishna Subburaj

Denny S Schaedig

Kaitlin Bainbridge

Hadassah Muthoka 

Amanda Michaels

Caroline O'Reilly

Julianna Harris

Jessica Woodhead

Candace Peacock

Nicholas Hunkins

Tuhina Tripathi

Anissa Becerra

Lola Flanagan

Guojing Zhou

Samuel Pugh

Richard Gentry

Angelina Abitino

Medha Sharma